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Re-Imagine Series – E58: Overlanding with Sarah from Our World Safari / Homeschooling along the Pan-American Highway

Hello and welcome back! Today we have Sarah, the creator of Our World Safari, joining us. Sarah and her family made the decision to place their lives on hold in BC, Canada to embark on an 18 month long adventure with their 2 kids,… Continue Reading “Re-Imagine Series – E58: Overlanding with Sarah from Our World Safari / Homeschooling along the Pan-American Highway”

It’s Never Too Early to Learn

A friend of mine told me she was judged for teaching her kids to do laundry too early. There is so much wrong with this statement. The first? Why do we feel the need to judge parenting techniques? We are all doing our best.… Continue Reading “It’s Never Too Early to Learn”


About two weeks ago we were down by the beach of Lake Erie on a cold December day. There were a few other people walking and checking out the waves but there was one group that stood out. They were in bathing suits and… Continue Reading “COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE : WHY WE DID THE POLAR BEAR PLUNGE IN LAKE ERIE”

Keeping the Balance

Before I was a mom, I would get pictures from my mom friends of their kids in ridiculous situations. My response was always, “Oh my gosh are they ok?!?!” As a mom, now my responses is usually lots of laughing emojis followed by questions… Continue Reading “Keeping the Balance”

it’s time to change…

Let’s talk daylight savings. As a teacher and a mother, I hate the two times a year where we have to change our clocks. Why? Because it takes my children and my students over two weeks to adjust to the time change. This means… Continue Reading “it’s time to change…”

October is for Lawn Decorations

The Kid is obsessed with inflatable lawn decorations. Last December, we had to leave our house 5 minutes early everyday so we could drive past every house that had them in their yard. He knew which house had them and what they had. If… Continue Reading “October is for Lawn Decorations”

Mommy Bags

Moms – let’s talk bags for a minute. Diaper bags. Finding that perfect “Mary Poppins” type bag that can hold your entire life has become a quest that I feel destined to fail. When I was pregnant with #1, I searched “perfect mommy bag”… Continue Reading “Mommy Bags”


Motherhood – See the two pictures? One is what I imagine my bathroom looks like. The other is my reality. I hear other moms/women talk about taking long soaks in the tub with Epson salts, calming music in the background, candles or a diffuser… Continue Reading “MOTHERHOOD AND TEACHING TIPS”

Polly’s Bio

Bio – I have many titles but the most common ones these days are wife, mother, and teacher. I have been married for 5 years, have 2 kids ages 3 and 2, and have been teaching for 14 years. I recently finished my masters… Continue Reading “Polly’s Bio”