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Pancake Mix Muffins

If there are any of you out there that are reading this and we’re affected by Hurricane Ida, my heart and prayers go out to you! We got back a few days ago from having extended our family beach vacation in Panama City Beach,… Continue Reading “Pancake Mix Muffins”

Chocolate Chip Chicpea Cookies

Technically it’s our summer break right now. While school and most homeschoolers are starting classes, we took the month of August off because of the constant traveling we somehow managed to book into 30 days. We have literally been living out of ours suitcases… Continue Reading “Chocolate Chip Chicpea Cookies”


It’s noon here in Southern Mississippi and it already feels like summer. And the worst part is, it’s only going to get hotter! Most people are rounding out their school year: graduations, end of school parties, probably ending off the homeschool year in preparation… Continue Reading “CHOCOLATE COVERED DRIED FRUIT”

Iced Americano

Anyone else remember what it was like to sit there absolutely bored and watching the clock barely move? Yeah, me neither. Now I look up, it’s noon, I haven’t showered, haven’t brushed my teeth, found my coffee I lost the day before sitting on… Continue Reading “Iced Americano”


I absolutely LOVE smoothie bowls. And for as long as I could remember…going as far back as 2002 when I worked at Smoothie King…I preferred to EAT my smoothies with a spoon. Then years down the road, they became all the rage and the… Continue Reading “COOKIE DOUGH SMOOTHIE BOWL”


This year has been a bit chaotic, and it’s only March! 😳 And to boot, I had dental surgery last week to prepare me for an implant. Which was the same tooth I had had a root canal done on about 5 years ago… Continue Reading “TOPLESS N’ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICHES”


We all have those days when we would rather open up a frozen pizza or store bought something due to time and exhaustion. I speak from experience since, as much as I love to bake and cook, time never seems to be something I… Continue Reading “BOXED MUFFINS”

Chocolate chip banana muffins

Merry Christmas Eve!! Can anyone else believe that 2020 is almost over?!? I sure can’t! And I also can’t believe that it’s already Christmas Eve. Before I go into these delicious muffins, I just have to talk about the Christmas Unit we finished last… Continue Reading “Chocolate chip banana muffins”


How is fall treating everyone? Are you where it’s nice and cool, with the smells of autumn and fir in the air? Or even super cold with already seeing snow? If so, but envy you! South Mississippi has only had brief moments of what… Continue Reading “BLUEBERRY MUFFINS”


Let’s talk raw cookie dough. Who of you love to bake cookies, just so you can eat spoonfuls of the raw stuff and not care much about the actual cookie? Just me? That’s fine! Ha! Does it bring back memories of slumber parties and… Continue Reading “RAW CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH”