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Puerto Rico Day 2: Castillo San Felipe

We both may have gotten some of the best sleep of our lives. After a long day of travel the kids didn’t budge and we slept like babies. A few strong cups of coffee from the percolator and we were ready to go. We… Continue Reading “Puerto Rico Day 2: Castillo San Felipe”

Bringing History to Life For Our Children: Our Trip to Puerto Rico

We have been planning this trip for quite some time. Just like everyone else, Covid got in the way of our travels. We purchased our tickets months ago for a great price but knew that anything could happen with travel at this point in… Continue Reading “Bringing History to Life For Our Children: Our Trip to Puerto Rico”


I am sitting down here to write as I take a break away from my to-do’s. So, the past weeks for personal reasons, have been very hard for me. Between the pandemic and the air surrounding the elections and other stuff, I have been… Continue Reading “Fear”

One day at a time

Another week in the life! Two of my sons were sick. Therefore, I had to go to the doctor on Monday. The week before, I had an eye appointment and my husband had a surgery on a different day. So, I was a little… Continue Reading “One day at a time”


Pathway Hello there! Here another week of life. So, I finally made the decision to call my blog a “Be the Bridge.” So, such a random name, right? Maybe not, lol… Anyways, why “Be the Bridge”? Well, honestly, I always felt inspired to help… Continue Reading “Pathway”

Lemonade out of Lemons

Hello! Here, another week of homeschooling. Actually, not another week because we took this week off. My cousin (Anita) helped me plan my year so I can take every sixth week off. So everything was planned accordingly. I had a surgery scheduled with no… Continue Reading “Lemonade out of Lemons”


Hello,  My name is Karla, a Puerto Rican native and newly turned homeschool mother of three crazy, tiring, and lovable boys. My husband and them are it… These are the four humans that make me be better. Before I met them, I did everything in my… Continue Reading “UN PEDAZO DE MI VIDA (A PIECE OF MY LIFE)”