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Change The Narrative To Change the Story

During my workout, my son asked if he could join me. Before I even said yes, he had run to grab his own resistance band, weights, and water. My husband snapped a photo of this moment and shared it with me and some family… Continue Reading “Change The Narrative To Change the Story”


The last few weeks have not been easy. It started when I got sick. The fact that we would have to quarantine for two weeks didn’t seem all that bad. We made it to about 12 days, I was feeling great but then, low… Continue Reading “NOBODY LIKES A WHINER”


I am sitting down here to write as I take a break away from my to-do’s. So, the past weeks for personal reasons, have been very hard for me. Between the pandemic and the air surrounding the elections and other stuff, I have been… Continue Reading “Fear”