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Puerto Rico Day 3: Rio Camuy Caves

The Rio Camuy Caves are located just outside of Arecibo (https://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/puerto-rico/rio-camuy-caves/). It was about and hour and half drive for us from the Guaynabo. Once outside of the city the drive took us through lush green forests that look like a jungle. The houses… Continue Reading “Puerto Rico Day 3: Rio Camuy Caves”

Van Life: The Secret Beach

We woke up early and made a nice breakfast over the Coleman camp stove (https://amzn.to/3kJMyBo). We have had this stove for years and it has gotten us through camping trips, power outages, hurricanes, and backyard cookouts. It can tell its own stories. We packed… Continue Reading “Van Life: The Secret Beach”

Van Life: Hitting the Road

We have been waiting a long time to finally hit the road. We sold a camper, bough a van, prepared the van, planned trip, and now it was time to get lock up the house and get moving. We woke up nice and early… Continue Reading “Van Life: Hitting the Road”