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A week of Homeschool

This week of Homeschool was discouraging and this is why… First, my son said that he wanted to do school with other children. The following day I was doing reading with child number 1 and he was crying. Then, I did reading with child… Continue Reading “A week of Homeschool”

Nutrition to cooking to sewing: passions of my life

I sit here taking a break from the reality and chaos of my life. Some days are easier than others, and those many times I want to pull my hair out, I have to remind myself “I wanted this.” And when I say “this”,… Continue Reading “Nutrition to cooking to sewing: passions of my life”

Polly’s Bio

Bio – I have many titles but the most common ones these days are wife, mother, and teacher. I have been married for 5 years, have 2 kids ages 3 and 2, and have been teaching for 14 years. I recently finished my masters… Continue Reading “Polly’s Bio”