Potty vs bath time

I once asked a usually chipper coworker how she was doing. She responded that for the first time in her life, she had a headache from stress. Then proceeded to ask me if my body ever manifested my stress into physical ailments. Apparently, in her twenty-something years of life, she had not experienced overwhelming stress. I applaud this young lady. She has the ability to let things that are outside of her control not affect her. I, on the other hand, am currently so stressed I have 3 ulcers in my mouth. Stress manifesting itself into physical ailments is a common occurrence for me. Headaches. Mouth ulcers. Fatigue. Sleeplessness. You name it! I promise, I’m finding ways to handle the stress. Running. Praying. Great sisters and friends to vent to. Oh, and crazy children with crazy stories. Like this one…

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If you are like me, you rely on those already made items you can easily grab and eat as you chase children, catch up on emails, last minute planning for the school day… Normally my freezer is stocked with homemade protein bars, breakfast cookie, chocolate peanut butter protein cups. Mainly because no matter how hard I try to do a sit down breakfast, it just doesn’t happen in this family. The kids wake up shortly after I do, which is around 5am. I NEED that morning time JUST FOR ME, or I will not function properly thru the day. So while I am working out, the kids raid the pantry. 2 hours later and they are in fighting, demanding, needing a second breakfast, etc… And I’m sure you are very famililar with the perect cup of coffee gone ice cold before you remember you poured yourself a cup! The struggle is real my friends!

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Nutrition to cooking to sewing: passions of my life

I sit here taking a break from the reality and chaos of my life. Some days are easier than others, and those many times I want to pull my hair out, I have to remind myself “I wanted this.” And when I say “this”, I mean the kids, the chaos, the loud screaming but happy children, the orders I get from my etsy shop, the stay at home mother/wife duties…all of it.

But how did I get here? And what passions of mine did I truly follow?

Let us begin at 17 years old. I was a skinny, scrawny kid growing up. At the time I had no idea I was walking around with a condition that they normally find at birth. A condition that for years, caused me to barely eat, always feel sick, and not gain weight. I don’t know the technical term, but let us look at our digestive systems, shall we? There is an artery that runs across your duodenum. Now in normal people, that artery is angled outwards so that it allows the duodenum the ability to balloon out as the food you eat begins to run its course down the digestive tract. Mine was angled inwards, pretty much pinching it shut. And as you know, the duodenum is at the top of the digestive tract, so if your food can’t pass through properly, it starts to back up making you feel sick, your body isn’t getting adequate nutrients, and you also can’t gain weight. Why do I tell you this? Because at 17 I wanted to join the track team. And my parents were afraid I would disappear if I joined from all the practices and running. (and we still had no idea I had this condition…we didn’t discover it until I was 26!) Being stubborn and hard headed, I joined and to prove them wrong, I dove into learning how to eat properly to fuel my body to run better. My love for nutrition began. One of the biggest things I learned that helped me maintain some weight was eating smaller meals around the clock. Considering that my system digested food at a snails pace, I believe this helped me alot during this time. The more I studied on proper nutrition for athletes, the more I wanted to go into nutrition and help others.

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Chapter 1

I woke up feeling lost.  It’s a feeling I have from time to time.  Even in my late thirties it sometimes feels like I have never found myself.  What makes me, well, me?  I have hobbies but there isn’t anything that I feel super passionate about.  I have always envied those that are completely obsessed with something.  That thing that they think about all day long and yearn to go do.  They day dream about it and spend every waking moment mentally preparing to go do it.  I have never had that thing.  I love the outdoors, reading books, sports, but I’m not great at any one thing.  That feeling has always made me feel a little lost.  I want to wake up and feel inspired about something to the point that it is my driving force for getting out of bed in the morning.  As I laid there that particular morning, I realized I didn’t really have one.

I have a great life but, in my mind, I had no passion.  Passion is the spice of life, right?  It’s the reason you breathe, the reason you go to work so that you can earn money, to pursue that passion.  I go to work and I enjoy it most days.  On the weekends we go out and explore but still, no obsession.  That morning my wife and I were talking in the kitchen.  Just normal talk but she asked me what was wrong.  She always knows when something is off, when I am just not right.  I decided to tell her.

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Lemonade out of Lemons

Hello! Here, another week of homeschooling. Actually, not another week because we took this week off. My cousin (Anita) helped me plan my year so I can take every sixth week off. So everything was planned accordingly. I had a surgery scheduled with no need to worry about homeschool. My husband had taken time off for the surgery. However, the day before the surgery we got a phone call saying that the surgery was canceled. We were so mad because we had everything planned out. Well, let me tell you that we turned it around like my kids say. We took the time off to spend time outside with the family. We went on two hikes and visited one park. My husband, my kids and I loved it. It is so fulfilling spending time outdoors with nature breathing fresh air. What was my lesson? It really is such a cliché… When things don’t turn out the way I want them to, sometimes I get so mad with emotions and say to myself “Why? This is so unfair”( I know, real mature). At these times, I have slowly (but very slow almost like a snail) learned to say to myself “There is nothing I can do about what just happened and it’s totally out of my control. I am stuck with the emotion of being mad or disappointed, maybe that won’t go away. So what can I do?”. I can be productive and try to learn something about my reaction. Hopefully, next time I can react in a more positive manner. Also, move on and basically make lemonade out of lemons (the cliché). Maybe these tiny steps will help me be better. 

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Sweet potato brownies

Some of you may have heard of Hurricane Sally that recently hit the panhandle of Florida. She originally was projected to come to the Gulf Coast where I live, so of course as we prepared for the possible hurricane and they began to shut things down around town, my children became scared. Since our already crazy week from returning from a weekend beach trip and getting back into the swing of things was now turning more chaotic with hurricane and storm talks, I decided to turn one of our lessons into All About Hurricanes.

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Mommy Bags

Moms – let’s talk bags for a minute. Diaper bags. Finding that perfect “Mary Poppins” type bag that can hold your entire life has become a quest that I feel destined to fail. When I was pregnant with #1, I searched “perfect mommy bag” and read hundreds of reviews. I combed through several lists of the Top 40 bags. I watched YouTube videos of bag reviews. I asked all my mommy friends out there for their advice.

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Motherhood – See the two pictures? One is what I imagine my bathroom looks like. The other is my reality. I hear other moms/women talk about taking long soaks in the tub with Epson salts, calming music in the background, candles or a diffuser filling the room with delightful smells. If my bathroom looked like the picture on the left, I would do the same. Instead, my bathtub looks like the picture on the right. It’s full of dinosaurs. It’s so full of dinosaurs that my daughter sits on the edge of the bath because she has no space to sit. So she sits on the edge, puts her feet in the water, plays with random dinosaurs that float by, and waits for “soap time”. I could stress out about the mess. But the reality is those toys make my kids happy. And quiet. So instead of soaking in a bathtub to destress, I sit in the kitchen and enjoy the peace and quiet. For 5 minutes. And then begins the screaming and crying because someone pulled someone’s hair, someone bit someone, or they are just screaming and crying for no reason. Enjoy the mess and quiet my friends!

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Polly’s Bio

Bio – I have many titles but the most common ones these days are wife, mother, and teacher. I have been married for 5 years, have 2 kids ages 3 and 2, and have been teaching for 14 years. I recently finished my masters in Ed Leadership which means I was teaching full time, raising a 1 year old, and pregnant with number 2 when I decided it was a good time to add graduate classes to my plate. I have worked in both public and private schools, with populations from 500 to 3,000 students, and experience in both middle and high school. This means I have taught every math from 6th grade to AP Calculus, and literally everything in between. I love math! I love teaching. But more importantly, I love helping other people! My “math brain” causes me to try to problem-solve everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! (Often causing me to stress about problems I can’t actually solve – but that’s a conversation for another day…) I hope you enjoy my “pocket-sized ponderings” – whether they give you a good laugh or a good idea.



My name is Karla, a Puerto Rican native and newly turned homeschool mother of three crazy, tiring, and lovable boys. My husband and them are it… These are the four humans that make me be better. Before I met them, I did everything in my power to be better a person and to have a better life for myself by always trying to make the right choice even though sometimes, it’s SUPER hard. I still try very hard to do that, even though, I fail, often. But learning with every single failure. Now that I am married with three kids, I have added responsibilities. To my husband…to listen, to take care of him, and be his best friend. To the other three tiny humans… well to them I have a super huge responsibility; to make kind, hardworking, and loving gentlemen out of them.

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