Mango Kale Salad

Anyone else wondering where the year went? It is November people!! November!! That said, it still feels like summer down here on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I am not going to complain yet since I am hoping that the weather remains semi pleasant for the next two weeks. Why you may ask? Because I am running a Savage Race in central Florida in two weeks and foresee myself being wet and muddy for the majority of the racešŸ˜‚. Therefore, i rather the warmth remains til then! Watch it decide to drop the day of the raceā€¦ha!

Well, with that said, because of the heat, Ive been eating up a lot of salads. This one in particular does not have a recipe because its add as much or as little as you want, depending on how hungry and how many people want to share!

One pro tip on this: i use dried mango slices, so the easiest way to cut it is by using scissors. Trust me on this one! It is a game changer and speeds up the process on cutting up that dried mango!

Give this a try! I promise you will love it! Goes great with chicken, steak, salmonā€¦whatever main course really!

Mango Kale Salad


carrots, sliced

Dried mango, cut up into small pieces

sunflower seeds

Bacon, cooked and cut up

Any ready made poppyseed dressing

  1. cook bacon slices in the oven, then let cool so you can cut it into bite size pieces
  2. chop veggies up
  3. add to a bowl and toss with poppyseed dressing
  4. enjoy!

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