Puerto Rico Day 4: Dorado Beach Resort and Club

Today was family reunion day. We drove out to Dorado Beach Resort and Club to meet up with cousins, nephews and nieces that we haven’t seen in a long time. Dorado beach is a beautiful area of Puerto Rico and it is also where a lot resorts were built. It is a great place if you are looking for that type of vacation.

We started off on the TPC Dorado golf course. They were holding a children’s day with pumpkin carving, treats, and events for the kids. It was a beautiful day with a strong breeze to keep me from sweating too profusely. After carving some pumpkins, eating some sweets, and meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse (apparently they had them flown in from Florida for a showing) we walked across the club grounds to the resort.

The resort had a lazy river, water slides, pools, food, and drinks. The kids were able to play with all of their cousins, we were able to catch up with family, and we all caught some sweet sun burns. We don’t typically vacation at places like this. It’s just not our style but this was a treat to say the least. We relaxed and enjoyed the Puerto Rican sun. Relaxing doesn’t happen much around our household so once in a while it is nice to do.

We drove home tired and worn out from the strong southern rays. We will all sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is El Yunque. The Rainforest.

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