Bringing History to Life For Our Children: Our Trip to Puerto Rico

We have been planning this trip for quite some time. Just like everyone else, Covid got in the way of our travels. We purchased our tickets months ago for a great price but knew that anything could happen with travel at this point in time. Well, the day came and we we were still able to fly and bring our family to Puerto Rico. Anita has been doing Puerto Rico unit studies with the kids for weeks. They have studied Ponce de Leon, the Tainos Indians, and the history surrounding this small island. Anita’s family is from Puerto Rico so it was very important for us to be able to show them where half of their family came from. We believe that it is extremely important to know your roots.

We were able to get someone to watch the dog, take care of our homing pigeons, and give us a ride to the airport. Everything was set. We headed to the Cleveland airport in the morning and landed in Puerto Rico around 730 that night. It was a long day but in the end it was a trip with no issues. We were also lucky enough to have family to stay with so we had a ride waiting for us at the airport.

We drove to Guaynabo, took showers and got to bed. For the first time in a long time we slept in. I couldn’t believe it. We actually slept in until about 8am. That never happens in our house. After some strong coffee and some very sweet cereal that her uncle bought for us we all jumped in the pool and spent the day in the Puerto Rican sun. As winter creeps up on us in Ohio the thought of soaking up some southern rays doesn’t sound all that bad.

Spending a day lounging is about all I can handle so tomorrow we will be heading to Old San Juan to explore the city and visit El Morro, the iconic fortification surrounding San Juan. Can’t wait.

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