Sweet Potato Cookie Dough

If any of you have had to go thru the torturous process of getting a tooth implant, know how long the process takes. Step one: get the tooth removed. Done. Step two: get the post put in. Done a few days ago. I think the second part was worst, or maybe because i was awake this time for it…either way, its been a slightly soft foods period for me these days while i heal. Let me tell you how fun this has been teaching the kids as well LOL. Well i was sick of yogurt, so tonight I made up an old recipe i made up awhile ago: sweet potato cookie dough. Yes, sweet potatoes and chocolate chips. Bare with me, especially if you have hr the avocado and garbanzo bean stuff! The key is to roast the potato in the oven first because it brings out a much better flavor. But if you want to make this quick, you can micro It. Let it cool, then add all your ingredients, mix it all together and enjoy!

Sweet Potato Cookie Dough

1 small sweet potato cooked and peeled

1 scoop protein powder

1 Tablespoon peanut butter

dash of sea salt

dash of vanilla extract

Dash of cinnamon

Handful of chocolate chips

optional: honey…add to your desired sweetness

  1. cook your sweet potato
  2. let it cool
  3. mash up and add all the ingredients and mix well
  4. eat straight out of the bowl

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