The Importance of Camping And our Free Ultimate Family Camping / Outdoor Checklist

It is no big surprise that we are an outdoor family. We try and spend as much time as we can outside. Anita and I have done this together since we were dating. When we started having children we made a promise to ourselves that we would raise our children in the great outdoors. We have made a concerted effort to have them outside as much as possible and to instill a love for the wild into their souls. Nature is a medicine and can heal so many ailments that most people throw chemicals and medications at. We are drawn to the outdoors deep within in ways that we cannot even explain. We crave fresh air and to be disconnected from the fast paced way of life that most of us are in.

We have camped for years and have fond memories from the the days of college all the way to today as we carry three little humans along with us everywhere we go. Getting the kids started early is the key. The world will try and convince them that happiness is tied into technology. It will steer them into the same trap that millions of kids have fallen into today. Technology and screens have a stranglehold on our youth and we are convinced that building a true love for the outdoors is a great way to combat what they will eventually face as they get older.

Camping with kids can be tough. It can seem like a lot of work (and many times and can be) but the more prepared you are the more fun camping will be. We can’t tell you how many times we have gotten to our campsite and forgotten the milk for our youngest or forgotten to bring baby wipes to clean dirty bums. That can make for a long weekend. To help with this we created a camping checklist that we use every time we plan a trip and it has made our experiences much more enjoyable. We recently turned this list into something that we hope will help all of you that love or want to love the great outdoors. The link below is for a free camping checklist that will hopefully keep you from making the same mistakes that we did. It also comes with several blank lists so that you can customize and develop your own. We have included some links to our favorite gear if your not fully equipped. Remember that camping can be simple and you don’t need all the fancy gear and gadgets. Just get out there with your family and foster a love for nature and the natural surrounding that can be found in almost anyone’s backyards. Happy Camping.

Our Free Ultimate Family Camping / Outdoor Checklist-

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