It’s noon here in Southern Mississippi and it already feels like summer. And the worst part is, it’s only going to get hotter!
Most people are rounding out their school year: graduations, end of school parties, probably ending off the homeschool year in preparation for the summer activities. Us? Continuing on with homeschool, keeping it lighter so we can spend more time playing and not rushing into our days. We opted to school year round because I felt our 5 year old wasn’t catching up with reading very well. We started The Good and Beautiful literature, and I can see her confidence building! Plus, we are a military family and since our schedule won’t change much, I didn’t want to spend the days with the kids bored. They actually ask for school on the weekends! So for now, I will follow their lead.

So back to the heat, you can imagine my desire to turn the oven on has been minimal. But my desire for a treat has not! So I made up these chocolate covered dried kiwi treats. So simple! So good! And I am gonna have to test out other dried fruits now!

The recipe is very simple: dark chocolate chips, coconut oil and dried fruit of your choice. I went with dried kiwi because that’s what I had. Why coconut oil? First it melts easily but hardens just as fast. But I find that when I mix it with chocolate and place in the freezer, I can take it straight out and not loose a tooth biting into it. It also gives a really nice flavor…not coconut at all but almost salty? So if you’ve never tried it, do!!

Chocolate covered dried fruit

1 tablespoon coconut oul

2 tablespoons chocolate chips

(note: it’s one part oil to two parts chocolate, so this is very easy to double, quadruple, etc…)

Dried fruit of choice (I used dried kiwi)

  1. Place coconut oil and chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl and heat at 20 second increments, mixing each time until melted and smooth.
  2. Dip dried fruit into chocolate and place on a wax paper or aluminum foil lined sheet.
  3. place in freezer until hardened
  4. Take out and enjoy!
  5. store leftovers in an airtight container in the freezer or fridge. The coconut oil will melt or soften if it gets too warm.
  6. Thats it!

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