E71: Building Memories Through Family Camping

Hello everyone and welcome back to the campfire! Today we are taking you on our camping trip with us. We are currently camping in Ohio and it is our first time tent camping with the entire family. Nathan and I both grew up tent camping but for the last five years we have had a camper. As luck would have it, last winter a tree fell on our camper and we used that opportunity to try something different. We decided to purchase an old conversion van and buy a big tent. We wanted to be a little more flexible when it came to our next adventure. So today is our first time hitting the road and setting up a tent with all five of us and the dog 😉

We wanted to hit on the subject of building memories and moments for your children. What we are doing is very simple but they are the same memories that we both have from when we were little. We make a very conscious effort to give memories to our children and not THINGS. Camping is a beautiful experience that you can hand to your family. Trips and vacations do not have to be extravagant and overly expensive. You can keep it simple and the only person that knows that is you. Your kids look at the world with wonder. It’s us as adults that are tainted through life. Lol. Don’t project that on your kids. Remember to look at life through the eyes of a child and you will be blown away by the amazing thing that we call life.!

Thank you all for listening and please join us next week for another great conversation and interview. Have a great week!

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