E69: How To Fill Your Cup / Staying Motivated, Energized, and Relaxed In A Hectic Life

Hello and welcome back to the campfire!  Today it’s just Nathan and I.  We woke up early on a Saturday morning to record with a cup of coffee.  We wanted to talk about how to fill your cup.  How do you recharge every day?  What do you do to keep your energy level high and your internal fire burning?  Today we discussed what we do and our routine for keeping our personal lives going strong in the midst of parenting and homeschooling. 

To be great parents, especially homeschooling parents, you have to find ways to fill your cup everyday.  To be the best you can be you have to fill your cup first and eventually it will overflow to the rest of your family and into the rest of your life. 

We hope you all enjoy the conversation and that you can find ways in your own life to keep your cup full.  Have a wonderful week. 

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Thank you for listening!

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