Mom Fails Make Good Laughs

Alright parents. Let’s talk about school fun-tivities.

My son is in Pre-K3. Last week we got an email that we needed to provide 12 pre-filled eggs and an Easter basket for the class Easter egg hunt.

Ok. No problem! What can go wrong? Right? Wrong!

It starts with the basket. My husband tells me he picked up some baskets at Target several weeks ago. Check! Then we go on Amazon and find some pre-filled eggs that will be delivered the day before they are due at school. Check!

The eggs arrive. I open the box. The things are HUGE! So I ask my husband if he thinks the basket he got earlier in the month was big enough. He’s not sure. So I go find them. The answer is no. The basket is the size of a take out box!! The egg fills the entire basket! (See the photo…not exaggerating.)

I promptly send my husband to Target who buys the largest bucket he can find. I then begin sending photos to every family and friend, while I’m in a fit of laughter.

So remember parents, when it’s the night before something is due for your kids school and it’s a huge mess, just laugh. Because let’s face it, giant eggs and tiny baskets are definitely reasons to laugh and not cry!

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