The Couple that Puzzles Together…

…stays together. Right?

First, I realized I hadn’t posted in a while. Where does the time go?!

Second, my husband and I are both teachers and on Spring Break! We started the break making a list of all the home-improvement projects we wanted to get done. Painting, bathroom remodel, deck remodel, garage storage…the list goes on. What have we actually done?


The list was created on Friday when school got out. By Saturday, the list was forgotten. We got in the car, went to Target, and everyone in the family picked out a puzzle. The kids got a puzzle each that comes in some fancy lunch box, the husband got a 500 piece, and I got a 1000 piece.

The kids worked theirs out on the floor. The husband and I cleared the kitchen table, put the laptop between us, put on some true crime shows, and got to work.

The house is still a mess. The projects still haven’t gotten done (there’s always summer right?). But we relaxed. While simultaneously growing suspicious of our neighbors as we watch more and more shows about murders in quiet neighborhoods. It’s a balance people!

So the next time you want to have a relaxing evening with the family. Get everyone their own puzzle. Trust me! (I just hope yours isn’t missing 1 single piece that causes you to search the whole house in desperation!)

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