Several weeks ago we purchased some sourdough starter. This is the key ingredient in making sourdough bread. This starter is alive and is filled with yeast and bacteria that must be fed to be kept alive. Feeding it consists of giving it some flour and water every so often. If you keep this habit up, in theory, you can keep your starter alive indefinitely.

We love cooking and making homemade meals together. In our house the kitchen is where our family comes together. The idea of beginning our own sourdough starter while our kids are young and being able to possibly keep it going until they are adults themselves seemed like an amazing project to do together. We have made several loaves since we grew our starter and each loaf is special in its own right. We know that we have cultivated something that allows us to bake and be together in our kitchen. They know that the bread was a family affair and each one of us had a part in making it.

As they grow older and one day have families of their own maybe they can take part of our sourdough starter to their kitchens and begin a tradition that will last a lifetime. When they create that loaf of bread with their children it will be with something that carries the memories of an entire childhood.

These are the things that kids remember and these are the true gifts that we can give to them. Material possessions are fleeting and fade with time. Memories of a happy healthy childhood can be passed down from generation to generation and it can all be found in a loaf of bread.

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