It’s Never Too Early to Learn

A friend of mine told me she was judged for teaching her kids to do laundry too early. There is so much wrong with this statement. The first? Why do we feel the need to judge parenting techniques? We are all doing our best. Unless a child is actually being harmed, assume we are trying our best and need support not judgement. Second? What age is too early to learn?

I’m a teacher. So trust me when I say it is possible to try to teach someone something too soon. For example, it would be very challenging to try to teach someone calculus before they learned certain math skills. But laundry? Start them early I say!

My kids are 2 (almost 3) and 4. They do laundry. Mind you, the aren’t doing it by themselves, but they are helping me. They help carry their baskets to the machine, they help throw the clothes in the washer, I do the soap and water settings, they help put the clothes in the dryer, they help take it out, I fold it, and then they put it away. They are probably at an age that many would think is too young. But how is dumping clothes in a washer different from them dumping their toys in their toy boxes?

My goal is to get them excited about doing laundry at an age that they still find it exciting. My kids LOVE to help me. “Mama I help you!” I hear it all day. They pull up chairs to help me cook and do dishes. They see me pull out the laundry basket and they come running. So start them young! Because they find joy in it, it gives you the opportunity to be with your kids while doing chores, and they make it much more enjoyable.

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