A Time for Rest

I decided to do something this Christmas that is very different for me. I decided to rest. For those who don’t know me, this probably sounds ridiculous. For this who do, you know this is a HUGE challenge for me. But I did it! I rested. Well, as much as a mama of 2 littles can rest. Because let’s be honest, that is not easy. Ever.

I love the holidays. I especially love spending the holidays surrounded by loud family, loud music, and lots of food and laughter. But this Christmas was our year to not travel. (Pro tip: Create a schedule where you split holidays with your family and your in laws. This will make them less crazy. One year we spend Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with the husband’s family then the next year we switch.) So this year Christmas was with my family, who live in town. So we didn’t have to go anywhere. Which meant I was going to rest.

Rest can look different for different people. For some overly active people, resting is still doing but doing less. That is me. My days are filled with making meals, getting little people ready for school, going to work and teaching, coming home to do more meals, trying to squeeze in workout and prayer time for myself while kids are taking baths, cleaning the house that magically becomes a mess in 5 minutes, getting in bed and doing it all over again. Then during the holidays, we spend our days trying to jam as many activities with family members into a week as humanly possible. I love it all! But I always come back from holidays exhausted and needing another break. So this year was different.

I decided to hide my school bag and just do all the things I haven’t done in forever. I started with an audio book (baby steps). Then I made Christmas cookies with my kids. Then we made more Christmas cookies because Santa needed some and daddy ate them all! Then I read an actual book! I got reacquainted with my podcasts and found some new ones. Went driving around to look at Christmas lights (a lot!) and even went walking around to see Christmas lights. I did 2 puzzles. 2! It’s been glorious!

The house is a MESS! The kids are 100% off their regular schedules and routines. We even skipped bath time a few times (gasp)! But, we’ve all been laughing and just relaxing. Which is what we all need right now. A small glimmer of joy and love during this crazy 2020 year. I wish you all the same!

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