Keeping the Balance

Before I was a mom, I would get pictures from my mom friends of their kids in ridiculous situations. My response was always, “Oh my gosh are they ok?!?!” As a mom, now my responses is usually lots of laughing emojis followed by questions on how it happened. Whether or not the child is ok or not is my last question. This isn’t because becoming a mom made me less concerned for a child’s well-being, but rather, I realized another mom wouldn’t text me a picture if their child was actually hurt. Those text messages look very different.

This has led me to discover there are 2 types of parents out there. The first will take pictures when their kids are screaming for help, the second will run and help them. Which one are you? If we’re being honest, we are all both! As parents, we learn very early the different cries of our children. There is a distinct difference between a cry of panic and a cry of actual pain. When we hear that cry of panic, we know we will find our child stuck in a situation they shouldn’t have been in the first place. For example, my daughter has gotten stuck trying to climb into the high chair from the bottom. Or my son will get stuck with his head in his arm hole. Both cries result in me taking a picture to send to my husband and sisters (and friends and parents. Everyone really). However, that cry of panic sounds a lot different from when my son tripped on the curb and got a nasty scrap on both knees. “Is there blood!” is all I kept hearing for the 10 minutes it took me to clean him up. Yes there was blood. No he wasn’t going to die. But I’m sure our neighbors thought differently.

Why do us parents laugh at our kids in these moments of panic? Because we need the balance. We need to be able to express every emotion, including humor, when dealing with little humans. I also think this helps them learn to cope with situations that aren’t life-altering. Right now, we are teaching my 3 year old that not every situation requires crying. We cry when we are hurt or sad. We don’t need to cry when we put our underwear on backwards. We’ve all been there. Even as adults. And when we have those moments, we need to laugh. Life is giving us a moment to laugh at ourselves because things are probably super stressful (especially if we’re putting our underwear on backwards). So, take those pictures of your kids being ridiculous. Save them. Put them in a folder called “Future Spouse” and bring them up to share with the one who decides to marry your little one. You’ll thank me one day!

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