The last few weeks have not been easy. It started when I got sick. The fact that we would have to quarantine for two weeks didn’t seem all that bad. We made it to about 12 days, I was feeling great but then, low and behold, my daughter got sick. Start the clock over. Then like clockwork my wife started to feel ill. Start the clock again. At over three weeks of being stuck in the house the pity party starts to begin. Did I wrong someone and the universe is getting back at me? Did I do something terrible in my former life to make me deserve this punishment? The kids, my wife, and myself had enough. There is only so much you can do within the confines of your home. The problem with the pity party is that no matter how much you complain and how much you whine, nothing is going to change. In fact, its just self perpetuating. The more you complain the worse things seem to get.

So what is the alternative. The alternative is to make the best of what you have. For us that meant figuring out ways to bring the great outdoors to our own backyard. Our first mission was to admit that nobody likes a whiner and that includes us. After we go that out of the way we decided to go for a hike. We live on about 1 acre and we were determined to go for a three mile hike. We couldn’t take one more minute of being stuck inside. So, we put some backpacks on, filled them with some extra weight, and hit the trails. That meant us doing circles in our backyard for about 1.5 hours. Did I mention that is was cold and rainy? After we finished our hike we came inside, took a hot shower and had a delicious bowl of home made chicken noodle soup. It ended up being a wonderful day in our very own park.

Two days later we decide we needed more. We were feeling good. Creating your own adventures and your own recreation is liberating. It means that you are in control. For the past several nights the kids had camped out in the backyard. We had set up the tent and they slept out there on their own and had a blast. We decided we needed to take a lesson from people who know how to have a good time. Children! They don’t let a pandemic ruin things. They use their imagination and if you do that adventure is right around the corner. We spent that night in the tent and had an amazing time. We talked, we brought a bottle of wine, and we just enjoyed the beautiful night. In the morning we snuck into the house so we wouldn’t wake the kids and grabbed a nice hot cup of coffee and brought it back to the tent. The coffee even tasted better.

What it taught us is that a crummy situation is only that way because you let it be. Your outlook on life can change everything. There will always be times in life that will seem hard or depressing. The question is are you going to whine or are you going to create an amazing memory that will last a life time. Positivity can transform everything.

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