I am sitting down here to write as I take a break away from my to-do’s. So, the past weeks for personal reasons, have been very hard for me. Between the pandemic and the air surrounding the elections and other stuff, I have been extremely anxious. I cried every day last week because I was overwhelmed by negative thoughts and honestly mostly fear. It wasn’t until talking to someone that I was reminded that fear does not come from the Lord. That is very true… God does not give you fear but gives you a sense of security and peace. Anyways, in the middle of all my turmoil, I came to realize something that I had realized a long time ago and forgotten. The fear itself is actually worse than the actual things that happen. I had realized this in my 20’s I had too many fears and at one point I realized that my fears were so irrational. Now that I am in my 30’s, most of the fears that I stress so much about have never come true. I will say this: When you are scared of something, pay attention to it and analyze it. Maybe there is something to be scared about. However, if it leads you to some sort of deep hurt, then try to heal that. But if the fear is completely irrational, then just realize that you have that irrational fear and next time you get scared, that knowledge will help the feeling of fear. I promise this will help. I know sometimes our worst fears do come true. If that ever happens, ask God for help. I promise he won’t disappoint. Take it one day at a time and think “Today I am fine, my fear… it’s just negative thoughts today. It will pass”.

Aprendiendo (Learning) with Karla

So this week I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to give me some feedback of how I could help with learning Spanish. What type of content would you like me to work on and what would you like to see post?

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