A week of Homeschool

This week of Homeschool was discouraging and this is why… First, my son said that he wanted to do school with other children. The following day I was doing reading with child number 1 and he was crying. Then, I did reading with child number 2 and he started to cry. By this point you would have guessed it, I was feeling pretty self-conscious. I talked to husband and my cousins, my cousins reassured me that they have had those days, they understood my pain. My husband said to me “Remember why you started doing this.” It is always reassuring to me that no matter either a big or small struggle someone else has been through it and they have come out the on the other side of it. In this case, it was nice to know that my cousins (who also homeschool) have those days also. Because let me tell you… this is my first year homeschooling and I can assure you that I am constantly second-guessing myself. Am I doing a good job, are the kids learning, WHY ARE THEY CRYING, am I fun enough, what about college. Lol, a day in my brain, it is pretty exhausting… But at the end of the day. I am trying my best. I feel that my kids and I are growing closer together in our faith and that is the ultimate goal (which is one of my main reasons for homeschool). I feel that if we have that down, everything else will fall into place and if it doesn’t well I have to keep trying until I get it right.

So I invite you, if you are having a tough week/day/month in homeschool, reach out to someone (send me a message if you have no-one to reach out to). I can reassure you, we have all had them and it will get better. And always go back to the reasons why you started in the first place. I am sure that going back to that will bring you some sort of clarity.

Aprendiendo (Learning) with Karla

Let’s do a number review:

  1. One Uno
  2. Two Dos
  3. Three Tres
  4. Four Cuatro
  5. Five Cinco
  6. Six Seis
  7. Seven Siete
  8. Eight Ocho
  9. Nine Nueve
  10. Ten Diez

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