it’s time to change…

Let’s talk daylight savings. As a teacher and a mother, I hate the two times a year where we have to change our clocks. Why? Because it takes my children and my students over two weeks to adjust to the time change. This means I spend all day with tired, cranky children and then go home to tired, cranky children. All while trying to overcome my own tiredness and crankiness. It’s not a good combination. This year, the time change fell on Halloween weekend. So let’s take a walk down memory lane to my Halloween weekend…

Halloween started off with me questioning if trick-or-treating was actually happening. How do you figure out if your neighborhood cancelled the world’s biggest social event that everyone is invited to? I decided to take a chance and dress my kids up and if no one had candy, we would let the kids take turns walking up to our own door. We would turn lemons into lemonade (and other fancy sayings). So off we went!

By the time we got back, we were starting bath time 3 hours late. But that’s the price to pay to get those special “experiences” in. And it was totally worth the extra grumpiness during bath time when my son turned and said “That was so much fun! Can we do Halloween again?” (Side note: These kids must not have inherited my candy addiction because they have not touched their candy bags! They took them into their rooms and dump the candy out, but that’s it! Crazy. But I digress.) Here I was, washing the babies 3 hours late, listening to them cry for no other reason than exhaustion, and I thought, “Thank goodness we gain an hour of sleep!”

Famous. Last. Words.

At 5:00 am, my son walked into my room and smacked the bed next to my face. I opened my eyes to him saying, “It’s time to get up mommy!” Why?! WHY?! Here’s a fun fact about me – I have to wind down for at least an hour after the kids go to bed before I can actually fall asleep. So when we have late nights, it usually means I am going to bed around midnight. Technically, when my son woke me up, it was 6:00 am (before the time change). This did not make me feel better when I realized he only got 8 hours of sleep when he normally gets close to 12.

Why do kids wake up at the same time every day regardless of the time they go to bed? Correction. Why do kids wake up at the same time every day regardless of how LATE they go to bed? Let me tell you, my kids will wake up early if they go to bed too early. But they will never sleep in. Ever. Therefore, I never sleep in. Thus, my extreme hatred for time changes.

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