In the year 2019 I lost one of the most important persons in my life, my grandmother. It has been hard to think that I will never see her again or that she may be gone forever. I would think that with her being the spiritual women that she was, I would be able to feel her presence somehow, that is my thought sometimes anyways, I know it makes no sense. People’s suffering have always stuck with me. I have always had the ability to empathize with the hurting people of this world. I think people who are close to me could say that it is very true about me. Anyways, on my way to taking my son to piano lessons, I was thinking, God must really love people who suffer. Because it is through suffering where most people come to know God. Later that evening, I was journaling because I was feeling down and anxious and pondering life and death and how much I missed my grandmother and how she was gone forever. Later that night, I was telling my husband how I had found some stuff that my grandmother had written in my journal (I had found it like a month ago but hadn’t re-read it, it was just sitting on my night stand). And he said to me, read it to me. So I started to read it and it was this whole thing about suffering from the book of Mother Theresa. It is so funny that given all my thought process during the day, it lead me to this. A note that my grandmother had written in my journal about suffering from the book of Mother Theresa. Was this all a coincidence? Maybe, but I choose to believe that God knew what I needed. He reassured me that my grandmother is with me one way or another. My story is not one of preaching. I am just sharing with you something that I thought was very cool.

If your are experiencing any kind of suffering, always remember you are not alone- there are millions of us out there. Always find someone that you can confide in. Seek help, don’t stay stuck. All problems have a solution. There is always hope- like I found at the end of my day.

Aprendiendo (Learning) with Karla

  1. Nueve patos negros en una fila.
  2. Nine black ducks in a row. 

  1. Diez patos blancos en una fila.
  2. Ten white ducks in a row.

With these two sentences, you can introduce two colors: black (negro) and white (blanco). This week, I kept it the same as the previous week. I wrote the sentence in Spanish and gave you the direct translation under. Children can work on copy work with the sentences. 

Here is a link in case help is needed to pronounce the words.

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