All Things Fall

Pumpkin patches. Halloween decorations. Monster cookies. Halloween costumes. Halloween/fall themed movies. These are all things fall. You know what isn’t fall? 90 degree weather. Which is the exact temperature where I live. We had 2 days of “fall” weather back in September, and I guess we scared it away? Because it hasn’t come back. You know what has come back? Humid weather after 5 minute thunder storms. Blazing hot sun in the afternoon. I walk out of the house in the morning and it feels pleasant. I might need a light sweater. In an hour, I’m dripping sweat. So the fact that Halloween is next weekend seems crazy to me. My heart says it’s fall but my body is screaming “IT’S STILL SUMMER!”

Even though the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet that it’s fall, we are still trying to do all things fall. This weekend we went to a pumpkin patch. The kind that you get to cut the pumpkin off the vine yourself. It had hay stacked up for kids to climb, a corn maze, and live music. It was amazing. The problem? I dressed for fall. I was sweating. My kids were sweating. We had a blast. But we were all dying after 1 hour. We didn’t last long. I told my son his face was red and he needed to drink some water. After 1 sip he replied, “Is my face green now?”

Explanation time – My son has learned that red means stop and green means go. I would tell him that his face was red so he needed to stop playing and come drink water. So naturally, he would ask if his face was green so he could go back to playing. This is actually a genius parenting hack! If I don’t think he’s had enough to drink, I just keep telling him his face is red. When I’m satisfied that he’s fully hydrated I yell, “IT’S GREEN GO GO GO!!” And off he goes.

Back to the pumpkin patch. My kids, who are fully capable of walking, made the excursion more difficult by requesting to be pushed in strollers. Through a pumpkin patch. I worked muscles I didn’t know I had. But, we each picked a pumpkin. My son came home and strategically placed each pumpkin in a different location in the house and will lovingly hug them from time to time. So even if the weather identifies with summer more than fall, go out and do all the fall things. Make all the fall memories. And just be prepared to take multiple baths in one day.

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