As I was rushing like a chicken without a head this morning, with no time to make breakfast, I reached into the freezer for my trusty freezer gallon ziplock bag of pre made homemade bars. As I looked at it, I was met with crumbs and realized I had cleared the bag last week. Why keep the bag? Because I like to reuse it! And remind myself it’s time to restock. Only I haven’t had time.
My son started karate, which happens today, and my daughter started ballet. My already crazy schedule has now been upped another level.
So what’s a girl to do? Grab a banana and the almost empty jar of peanut butter. It’s not perfect, but it was the best I could do.
Yes, I realize I am not sharing a recipe, but sharing with you that I too don’t have it altogether. I don’t think I’ve done more than make sandwiches for the kids and throw pizza in the oven! I swear we will get back on track.
Until then, I will grab the healthiest thing in my kitchen that’s easy to eat as I rush around getting kids ready for school, karate, ballet, and whatever else we have. Or like right now, having to pause while writing this blog to tie a knot on the end of my daughters string so she can make a bead necklace.
And right now I am reminded that we need to stop and take a moment to breathe. Life will pass us by much too quickly if we don’t. And I also need to get back inthe kitchen and do some baking! Get the kids involved and share more recipes!
So until then, what are your go to’s when you are on the run?

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