I am beautiful

Every morning, my daughter runs out of her in a dress and sandals with socks. Some mornings she’ll have an added accessory like sun glasses or a baby doll. Whatever it is, she runs out and announces “I’M BEAUTIFUL!”

If you ever need a confidence booster, she’s your gal. She’ll run into my room while I’m getting ready and yell “MAMA’S BEAUTIFUL!” Over the summer, we were visiting my in-laws. My father-in-law walked out of his room dressed for church and my daughter ran up to him, gave him a hug, and said “Papa’s beautiful!” Cue the tears.

To be honest – most days I don’t feel beautiful. Most days I believe I look as tired as I feel. And let me tell you – this mama is TIRED! I am one of those educators trying to survive teaching through a pandemic. Teaching, in it of itself, is exhausting. Teaching during a pandemic – what comes after exhaustion? Walking dead? Couple that with parenting – what comes after walking dead? Walking dead again? I wake up tired. Sleep is usually restless. A friend of mine described it well when she said she looks like a foot. And not a nice manicured one. (She has never looked like a foot but it captures how I feel perfectly.) So in the morning, as I’m getting ready, I honestly feel like the makeup doesn’t help. And then my daughter comes in and yells “MAMA’S BEAUTIFUL!!” And then she says “I’M BEAUTIFUL!” And that little phrase is all I need to get out of my slump.

I AM beautiful. You ARE beautiful. We are all beautiful. Even if you have bags under your eyes. Even if you are committing that fashion faux pas of wearing socks with your sandals. Even if you have a bad hair year and your clothes is always covered in tiny dirty hand prints. (This morning I have purple smoothie speckled all over my white shirt. Why do I insist on wearing anything white as a mom?!?!)

My daughter doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful because of what I’m wearing or how I look. She thinks I’m beautiful because I love her and she loves me. It’s that simple. So, in a time where there is lot of ugly out there, go be beautiful! Spread love. Spread beauty. And tell everyone you see today “You are beautiful!” Watch their entire face change. And not “you look beautiful” or “your outfit is pretty.” No. Tell the person that they, as a person, are beautiful. We could all use the reminder.

One Comment on “I am beautiful

  1. I am in tears and needed to hear this. I love that little girl❤️ She’s right: you ARE beautiful!


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