One day at a time

Another week in the life! Two of my sons were sick. Therefore, I had to go to the doctor on Monday. The week before, I had an eye appointment and my husband had a surgery on a different day. So, I was a little nervous that I was getting behind. I am new to all this homeschool stuff and in my head this meant I was getting behind. Like, what do I do? “Do I worry about catching up with school work or do I just let it go and cath up later, whenever time allows.” So we had all this stuff happen. Then, Thursday and Friday we had events to attend. So, I was getting really worried. All that inside my head, and on top of all the worries that I carry on a normal day, I was getting anxious. On our way home from our field trip, you could say that I was extremely overwhelmed. However, after we got home, I looked at my planning and it turned out that I was only a lesson behind on math and everything else seemed to be ok. Thereafter, we started our lessons. An hour into the lesson, I had realized that all my worrying had gone away. My head was no longer filled with unnecessary worry. It made me happy to realize that putting time into teaching my children not only shutoff my mind but I also realized that I spent my whole day with them. All this made me extremely happy. 

This is the thing about me, I am not an easy going person. I worry about so many things at once and honestly to tell you the truth, it is so exhausting. But something that I learned a long time ago is to take it one day at a time. The best gift we have is one day after another. This is something that I have to tell myself on a daily basis and mostly on the days or weeks that I am really struggling. It really does help. It really helps to talk to myself and acknowledge and say – “today I am worried, today I am overwhelmed. But, I will not feel like this tomorrow or later”. My train of thought changed completely from my drive home to when I was teaching my children.

So, if you ever find yourself anxious about the struggles of this world, remember these worries and these emotions are just that and they will pass. Maybe it takes hours, days, weeks, months but I promise you they will change. Always, remember, you may feel like that in this moment, but the feeling will not last.

Aprendiendo (Learning) with Karla

  1. Siete patos rosa.
  2. Seven pink ducks.
  1. Ocho patos turquesa.
  2. Eight turquoise ducks.

With these two sentences you can introduce two colors: pink (rosa) and turquoise (turquesa). This week, I made it a little different. I wrote the sentence in Spanish and gave you the direct translation under. Children can work on copy work with the sentences. 

Here is a link in case help is needed to pronounce the words.

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