Chunky Applesauce, Protein Pancakes and Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Sunday morning, I’m hiding out in the classroom, still sweating from my workout and drinking a cup of hot coffee. Sounds fabulous right? More like multi tasking as I write this. And I’m also trying to plan out this weeks lesson plans with the realization that my oldest turns 7 tomorrow, and where has the time gone? It’s a mix of feelings: proud of the little guy he is turning into as I hear him directing his little sisters outside on a lesson he thought of on his own; how much has happened over these past few years and how I have been so busy as a part time single mother I barely had time to breath and enjoy the baby years; and then the reality that as my kid gets older, so do I…and having started at 33 having babies, I try not to think about how old I will be when they are 20.

So moving on! Ha! But in all seriousness, as I look at my son, I see a sweet, kind, loving, caring, thoughtful, very bright young man. I see qualities I want to nurture and help him grow in, and I also see others that I would prefer to try to get control of while he is still young. Wondering if homeschooling was the right decision, only to look at the world around us right now and realize, YES, I am doing the right thing. Plus, when I think about how much I feel I have missed paying attention to while they were babies, I realize that right now, I am devoting my attention 110% to them every morning for a few hours while I teach them. Then the rest of the day is back to house wife role and duties.

Speaking of homeschool and lesson plans, this past week we started our Fall Unit Study, beginning with apples. Of course, with so many ways to eat apples, I had to take them into the kitchen and make some homemade apple sauce. I found this killer recipe on It’s not my own recipe, but I have to share it because it truly was more like apple pie filling if you don’t puree or blend the apples when they are done cooking! And so you know, I freaking LOVE apple pie! I could do without the crust, and just eat an entire pan of just the filling… So I left it chunky and have been using it like a topping for different things. My kids weren’t fans because they won’t eat anything that “looks funny”. But they did have fun making it.

How have I used this amazing apple sauce?? First, if you go back to my blog on my overnight oats with blueberry cashew cream, use the overnight oat recipe and leave out the cream. Instead, top it with the chunky apple sauce and it is seriously like a healthified bowl of apple pie. Warm it up and its even better!

Second, I like to make protein pancakes, because who doesn’t love pancakes? This version is that banana and egg pancake that went around awhile back, but I have since then jazzed it up. Topped it with peanut butter and the applesauce topping and yummy!!!

I will now share the applesauce recipe below, or you can go to the actual website for it and my protein pancake recipe. For the overnight oats, go to

Hope you give these a try and enjoy!! Please share any other ways you enjoy this apple sauce topping!

Apple Sauce Recipe

4 red apples

4 green apples

1/3 cup water

2 Tablespoon honey

2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 T lemon juice

  1. Peel, core and dice the apples
  2. Put in sauce pan with all the ingredients except lemon juice
  3. Simmer until tender for about 15-20 min
  4. Mash or blend (or keep chunky like me!)
  5. Stir in lemon juice
  6. Serve hot or cold

Protein Pancakes

1 egg

1/2 large or 1 small banana

1/2 tablespoon chia seeds

1/2 tablespoon flaxseeds

1 scoop protein powder

dash of sea salt

dash of cinnamon

splash of vanilla

  1. Mix all ingredients together
  2. Heat a pan on medium heat and grease with coconut oil, butter or oil
  3. Cook each side for roughly 2 min. (the top will still look doughy and not cooked like a normal pancake, but it will be ready to flip if you can easily slide the spatula under the pancake)
  4. Serve on a plate topped with some of the apple sauce, peanut butter if you desire or whatever else your heart desires! Or simply some good raw honey is delicious!

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