October is for Lawn Decorations

The Kid is obsessed with inflatable lawn decorations. Last December, we had to leave our house 5 minutes early everyday so we could drive past every house that had them in their yard. He knew which house had them and what they had. If the home owner forgot to plug in the decorations one night, The Kid would lose his mind.

“Why is Snoppy lying down?”

“Mama! The penguin is awake now!”

When Christmas decorations were put away, it was a sad day in our house.

Last week we went outside and The Kid was so surprised to see the neighbor had inflatable pumpkins! So we had to take a walk around the neighborhood to find the other decorations. While walking around Target, I caved and bought our own inflatable pumpkin.

Guess who is mother of the year! This gal!

I feel bad for The Husband. He got the kids shovels to help him with yard work. That was all very exciting until I showed up.

Just so you understand how deep the love for these things runs – The Kid and The Girl waited patiently for the pumpkin to inflate and then took turns hugging it! They refer to it as their friend. Maybe I need to socialize them more with other kids?

Now, if only someone would make inflatable lawn decorations that would be appropriate all year long! Because I’m not ready for the day when we take them down. The meltdown will be epic. Because now both kids are obsessed. Too much? Maybe. But who am I to deter their love of holidays!

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