Hello there! Here another week of life. So, I finally made the decision to call my blog a “Be the Bridge.” So, such a random name, right? Maybe not, lol… Anyways, why “Be the Bridge”? Well, honestly, I always felt inspired to help people. I have always felt driven by the fact that I want to make the world a better place. This is one of the reasons that I try my hardest to be the best mother I can be to my children (I may fail, a lot or at least it feels like that but I will tell you one thing, I am giving it my all.) I will not allow myself to be mediocre in motherhood. Maybe if my children see my hard work, my efforts, my sacrifice and my love, that will mean something to them. Where did I learn to be like this? My grandparents. They made me feel so special. When they would tell me things like, “you know I would do anything for you”, I knew these words were not in vain. And that love that they provided was crucial for me to feel special and loved. So in a sense, they were the bridge for me to be who I am today. They helped lay the pathway to make me who I am today; a woman who gives it all for the people she loves. I will try my best to lay a pathway, by these methods, for my children to be loving, caring, kind men in this world. So with this mind set and me trying to be the best I can be, maybe I can inspire people to be better. Hopefully, this is my way of helping the world be a better place. If not that, at least, I can be the bridge to your Spanish journey.

Aprendiendo (Learning) With Karla

Still, this week continuing the same trend as the past two weeks. I will do this until I reach the number ten.

1-Cinco patos naranja. 

2- Seis patos Violetas. 

With these two sentences you can introduce two colors: orange (naranja) and purple (violeta). I will give you another fact about ducks so you can have your children practice “copy work”. By now, I hope they know the noun duck in Spanish. If not, we will still practice it a little bit more. Ducks have wings. Ducks have two legs. En español: Patos tienen dos alas. Patos tienen dos piernas. Tip: for younger children you can just pick the noun or the number and have them write that. 

Here is a link in case help is needed to pronounce the words.

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