Potty vs bath time

I once asked a usually chipper coworker how she was doing. She responded that for the first time in her life, she had a headache from stress. Then proceeded to ask me if my body ever manifested my stress into physical ailments. Apparently, in her twenty-something years of life, she had not experienced overwhelming stress. I applaud this young lady. She has the ability to let things that are outside of her control not affect her. I, on the other hand, am currently so stressed I have 3 ulcers in my mouth. Stress manifesting itself into physical ailments is a common occurrence for me. Headaches. Mouth ulcers. Fatigue. Sleeplessness. You name it! I promise, I’m finding ways to handle the stress. Running. Praying. Great sisters and friends to vent to. Oh, and crazy children with crazy stories. Like this one…

This week, on a particularly stressful day of online teaching, The Husband and I decided to put the kiddos in the bath early. (Remember that bath tub full of dinosaurs and animals?) I jumped into the shower so I could wash away the stress and be fully present with my kids during movie time. I walked out to find The Husband running with our soaking wet daughter from their bathroom to our shower.

“What happened?!”

“I don’t know. The water is murky.”

I walk into the bathroom, look in the tub, and there is a turd sitting on the bottom of the tub surrounded by dinosaurs. The water was not “murky”. It was straight up brown! That’s right. One of my children pooped in the tub! The Girl had it smeared on her arm. The Kid had it smeared on his leg. The smell was awful. I asked The Kid what happened and he proudly announced, “I went caca!”

The Husband hosed them off in our shower and scrubbed them down. Which sparked this conversation:

The Husband: “Oh my gosh you’re covered in S***!”

The Kid: “Why you say S***?”


He then began cleaning out the tub. His punishment for saying a bad word. That tub full of dinosaurs went into the trash. All of them. Our sons entire dinosaur collection. As The Husband continued cleaning, he found 2 more adult-sized turds. That’s right. Three large turds were in that tub. I still gag thinking about the kids being in that water.

As I sat with my kids, watching Zootopia, I just started laughing. Because life is messy. And sometimes life is full of turds. But, those messy parts are what make life interesting. And when The Kid replayed the story, proudly, to his grandma the next morning, it was even more funny watching her horrified expression! So when life is getting messy for you, just remember: it could be worse! Your kids could be bathing in poop water!

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