Lemonade out of Lemons

Hello! Here, another week of homeschooling. Actually, not another week because we took this week off. My cousin (Anita) helped me plan my year so I can take every sixth week off. So everything was planned accordingly. I had a surgery scheduled with no need to worry about homeschool. My husband had taken time off for the surgery. However, the day before the surgery we got a phone call saying that the surgery was canceled. We were so mad because we had everything planned out. Well, let me tell you that we turned it around like my kids say. We took the time off to spend time outside with the family. We went on two hikes and visited one park. My husband, my kids and I loved it. It is so fulfilling spending time outdoors with nature breathing fresh air. What was my lesson? It really is such a cliché… When things don’t turn out the way I want them to, sometimes I get so mad with emotions and say to myself “Why? This is so unfair”( I know, real mature). At these times, I have slowly (but very slow almost like a snail) learned to say to myself “There is nothing I can do about what just happened and it’s totally out of my control. I am stuck with the emotion of being mad or disappointed, maybe that won’t go away. So what can I do?”. I can be productive and try to learn something about my reaction. Hopefully, next time I can react in a more positive manner. Also, move on and basically make lemonade out of lemons (the cliché). Maybe these tiny steps will help me be better. 

Aprendiendo (Learning) with Karla

So last week I went over the noun pato and the color (los colores) rojo y azul. This week I am going to continue the same trend with different numbers and colors.

1- Tres patos amarillos.    

2- Cuatro patos verdes. 

So, the same concept as last week. With these two sentences you can introduce two colors: yellow (amarillo) and green (verde). Since you already know what the noun “duck” is in Spanish, you could teach a fact about ducks. For example, Ducks are birds (Patos son aves). You can have them copy the sentences. In addition, you could read the sentences and they can repeat after you. You can add the sentences for last week for a longer lesson. So by now we have introduced the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and green. We have also introduced the numbers Uno (which is Un when it is referring to a masculine noun; Dos, Tres, Cuatro

Here is a link in case help is needed to pronounce the words. 


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