Mommy Bags

Moms – let’s talk bags for a minute. Diaper bags. Finding that perfect “Mary Poppins” type bag that can hold your entire life has become a quest that I feel destined to fail. When I was pregnant with #1, I searched “perfect mommy bag” and read hundreds of reviews. I combed through several lists of the Top 40 bags. I watched YouTube videos of bag reviews. I asked all my mommy friends out there for their advice.

Three years and four bags later, I finally settled on just a gorgeous purse for me and a book bag for my kids. As they say – two [bags] are better than one! Right? If you ever have questions about mommy bags, I have answers! As you can see from the picture below – I’ve tried every style. I’ve tried every price point. We’ve got a mini book bag style with thousands of pockets (meant to allow the husband to carry the bag without embarrassment ha!). There’s the classic diaper bag that has pockets, zippers, hidden pockets, and a space just for mommy that doesn’t actually hold anything important. Then there is the black hole of a purse that came with smaller bags to keep everything organized (this one I actually loved but it was just so darn big – sigh). Finally, I got the diaper bag/pumping bag combo that had a hidden compartment for my breast pump but was large enough to hold my laptop and work “stuff” #TeacherLife.

My advice? Get that gorgeous purse you had your eye on (Kate Spade on discount for over 50% off – yes please!) and find any raggedy bag for the kids. It’s going to get destroyed. A bottle/juice cup will spill into the bottom without you knowing and create mold weeks later. The “no spill” snack cup with the slices on top for little hands to reach in will actually release thousands of Cheezits to the bottom and they will crumble at your touch. And when your child has an explosive diaper that forces you to strip the child down, hose them off, and shove that poop covered onesie somewhere – it’s going in that bag. So have a space for you that is sacred and a space for the kids. You deserve, at the very least, a 5”x10” space to call your own!

PS – My kids still go into my purse. Because mommy’s pens and note pads are far better than the thousands of toys I bought them!

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