My name is Karla, a Puerto Rican native and newly turned homeschool mother of three crazy, tiring, and lovable boys. My husband and them are it… These are the four humans that make me be better. Before I met them, I did everything in my power to be better a person and to have a better life for myself by always trying to make the right choice even though sometimes, it’s SUPER hard. I still try very hard to do that, even though, I fail, often. But learning with every single failure. Now that I am married with three kids, I have added responsibilities. To my husband…to listen, to take care of him, and be his best friend. To the other three tiny humans… well to them I have a super huge responsibility; to make kind, hardworking, and loving gentlemen out of them.

So that is a little bit about what drives my life…them and God (but that’s a story for another day). 

So homeschooling… lol… I have heard many women say those words in my life and remember thinking, “WOW”, that sounds like the best thing that you could give to your children, but NO WAY is it possible to do it and still have a life. Well, here I am doing it and having a life. So let’s see where this journey takes me… 

So let me see if I can help you a little in your Journey in teaching Spanish. I am going to post some ideas, tips or maybe some reviews that will help you get started with your Spanish journey. 

Let’s start with numbers, which I assume you have heard them sometime in your lifetime and if you haven’t, here they are some.

1- Un pato rojo.

2-Dos patos azules.  

So with these two sentences you can introduce two colors red (rojo) and blue (azul). Also, you can introduce the noun duck (pato). You can have them copy the sentences. In addition, you could read the sentences and they can repeat after you. 

Here is a link in case help is needed to pronounce the words. 


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