Hi! I’m Nina, a military spouse, full time mother of 3 ages 6,5 and 3, and Anita’s oldest sister. I am considered the “hippie child” of the family and very artsy. I got my degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. Yet once we started having kids, I became a full time mother (my life long dream since I was two years old! 31 years later it came true! Ha!). Our decision to homeschool came when we had to decide where to put our son for first grade. Granted it was not a new concept for us since we had discussed it since he was born. But as a military spouse, and spending a good bit of time on my own with three kids that were each 20 months apart, mommy needed a break and off to school they went. We were blessed with an amazing preschool from 2 years old to kindergarten, but afterwards???? So the decision was made that after they left kinder, they would start New Beginnings Homeschool with Ms. Mommy in first grade. After Covid hit, we decided to keep our kindergartener home but still send our 3 year old off to preschool to avoid any unexpected curve balls if they decided to shut the school down again. And our journey has begun. It’s been about a month now since we started and we are still learning, changing things up, experimenting…but over all, I am learning just as much as my children. Learning as a mother, learning as a wife and learning as an educator. That the most important lessons in life can’t be taught behind four walls, but in the experiences that you go thru in life alone. Here’s to New Beginnings. 

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